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February 10, 2020

Should I install a CCTV System?

It’s every person's nightmare. Your home or car gets vandalised or broken into, the thieves get away with expensive and priceless items.

Luckily most homes now have some sort of security system installed, whether that be an alarm system or CCTV system. Having both installed on the same property can alert the burglars and notify you at the same time. Most crimes are caught on business or residential CCTV which helps bring them to justice. Between March 2018 and February 2019 there were over seven thousand crimes reported to Kent in Thanet alone, as a report carried out Kent Live. This is why Kent police are keen to encourage business owners and citizens have some sort of CCTV security installed on their premises.

How much should I spend?

CCTV systems for domestic premises can be brought online for as little as £50, it’s a potentially cheap option of improving security for your house. There are higher-tier options that can cost hundreds alone. These types of systems could help you identify a criminal that has just committed a crime.

Generally, the cheaper systems are low quality and could have issues recording or access them online if you don’t know how to set it up, whereas if you have a slightly more expensive CCTV System installed by a professional, it could show the criminals face or number plate a lot clearer if a crime was ever committed.

There a various types of setups such as wired or wireless. Wired cameras are cheaper but wireless ones can be more convenient, although if you have a slow or intermittent internet connection, they may not record everything that is happening. It is recommended to have a professional electrician or security engineer to carry out the CCTV installation, this way they will install the cameras in the best position and make sure they are all set up correctly.

Having CCTV installed around your business or home could also have some benefits on your insurance, most insurance companies may reduce their premium.

Does CCTV stop crime?

The simple and shortest answer to this is no. It doesn’t stop crime, but it does help to prevent criminals from attempting a break into your premises or vehicles. A visible camera can also prevent pre-planned crimes from taking place. Research has shown that CCTV has helped police identify and catch offenders, so it could help catch anyone who is behind various crimes, such as anti-social behavior.

White Hivision camera installed on a home property

Is private CCTV breaking the law?

If you point a camera to the pavement, road or neighbor’s property, it could be a breach of GDPR or harassment law. An EU ruling said that “private homeowners filming outside their own property are no longer covered by exemptions to the act”, this means that filming the pavement or road could potentially get you into some serious trouble.

If you’re installing the CCTV cameras yourself then you should be careful about where the cameras are pointing and, check you can only see your property in the camera angle. If you’re unsure and would like a professional engineer to install your cameras, then call us today on 01843 260465 for further assistance.

It’s also worth noting that the ICO has never yet prosecuted anyone for contempt of court under data protection law. But there’s a chance that the laws surrounding home CCTV could be tightened. Last December surveillance camera commissioner Tony Porter said he might recommend further regulation to government amid increasing concerns about domestic CCTV security.

If you’re still unsure on if CCTV will help to protect your home and keep in line with the law, then contact us and one of our qualified team will get back to you. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone on 01843 260465 or by email at

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