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Security Systems

Intruder Alarms and CCTV

In this modern day and age, it’s a sad fact that burglaries do happen. When a property has a security, system installed such as an alarm or CCTV, it reduces the chance of a crime taken place. Our security systems are not just reliable when you need them, but they also act as great deterrents. Over 90% of burglars have said they would avoid houses that have either an alarm or CCTV installed. 

Here at FBS Electrical Thanet we know what the true cost of property damage and burglary can cause. Its more then what the criminal takes from the victim, it’s also what they leave behind. Intruder alarms are extremely effective at deterring criminals and offer round the clock protection. Adding CCTV to your property will also assist the police if a crime does take place. 

Having both installed is the ultimate security solution. It helps to provide a huge security boost for your property. It’s a well-known statistic that having some sort of alarm system or CCTV system install increasing your security by about 40%.
We have been providing Thanet with our services for over 5 years. Below you can see just a few of our security system services.
CCTV Installations
Security Lights
Access Systems
IP Camera Installations
Intruder Alarms
CCTV Mobile Setup
Panic alarms
Motion Detection
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