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June 18, 2019

Common Electrical Faults In Your Home

Electricity is a wonderful invention. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that it can turn against us and cause damage. In this article, we are going to talk about what could go wrong with our household electrics and, what we can do about it.

Light switches aren’t working

If you have moved to a new house or suddenly, some light switches aren’t working, it may have possibly been disconnected, or it there could be a problem with the electrical circuit and wiring. This will require the attention of a qualified electrician to trace the fault. If your light switch is a dimmer switch that isn’t working correctly, it could be down to poor workmanship or a general fault.

Lights are too dull or to bright

There are several explanations to why this happens. You could have different types of light bulbs installed with different wattages. Check to make sure that all the bulbs are the same wattage. Alternatively, it could be down to a bad neutral connection in the wiring. If you have checked the bulbs and wattage and you are still having an issue, then you should have a professional electrician check over your electrics.

Frequent Electrical Surges

Repeated electrical surges can be caused by damaged power lines, faulty appliances, bad wiring or can even be caused by lightning strikes. Having repeated surges can damage some if not all electrical components within your household. It can also be down to an electrical device connected within your home. If you have “cheap” appliances within your house and you have disconnected them, but it still doesn’t resolve the issue, then it may well time to call an electrician to carry out some electrical testing.

The Fuse Board Repeatedly Trips

One of the main reasons a fuse board will keep tripping could be down to high-demand appliances such as hairdryers and microwaves, especially if these items all use the same source (or same fuse). It might be worthwhile taking note of what appliances you were using when the fuse tripped. It might be worthwhile in the future to try putting them on a lower setting such as lower power on the microwave or a lower setting on the hairdryer.

Electrical Shocks

Thankfully, if you do receive an electric shock they should be relatively mild but, even then, this is a warning sign that something is wrong. Electric shocks mostly happen when a device is being switched on or off and it could be down to multiple different factors such as; the appliance being used, loose cabling in the socket or a fault with the fuse board. If you do receive an electric shock, no how mild, you should call a professional out to have a look over your electrics. It may also be work getting some electrical testing carried out on your property.

Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out

There are various possibilities to your light bulbs burning out all the time. Your electrical wattage may be too high, insulation may be too near the light, bad wiring within the property or mains. A dimmer switch may also have too much wattage going through it. Flicking lights could also suggest a poor connection to the light or dimmer switch. This would also cause the attention of an electrician.

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